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High-speed Throughput

The public servers of the VPN Online Test Environment use exceptionally fast hardware and network connections to make a high-speed VPN connection possible.

  • For details about the VPN server environment, see the Test Overview.

Direct Internet Connection over Gigabit Ethernet

The server farm on the Tsukuba University grounds that hosts the VPN Online Test Environment is connected to the Internet over a 10 Gbps high-speed connection, with each server computer connected by Gigabit Ethernet.

PacketiX VPN Server 2.0 boasting the worlds fastest throughput

The PacketiX.NET VPN Online Test Environment has achieved a throughput of 3.1 Gbps with PacketiX VPN Server 2.0, scoring a world speed record for software VPNs.

Parallelization with 10 server computers

The VPN Online Test Environment uses the Clustering Function (see Chapter 3.9 of the PacketiX Online Manual) included in PacketiX VPN 2.0 Server to host the system on a server farm of 10 computers. The software also offers load balancing and fault tolerance functions to ensure maximum effectiveness.

This way, the system can host thousands of Virtual Hubs.

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