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With the PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service, you can transfer data over the Internet through an encrypted VPN tunnel.
The service is free of charge.

All data transmissions are routed over a secure gateway server and encrypted by SSL. Regardless whether over a wireless LAN, where anybody could intercept the traffic, or over a public Internet access service, you with encryption achieve maximum security against eavesdropping.

The service is perfect if you access the Internet in the following situations:
(Also see the Help pagesfor more information.

  • Public and hotel or airport wireless LAN hotspots
  • Unidentified WLAN hotspots
  • Internet connections that have many users, such as in a company or university LAN
  • Internet access by an untrustworthy telecommunications company or ISP

Starting to use the Secure Internet Test Service

To use the Secure Internet Test Service, you need to install PacketiX VPN Client software on your PC and register a user.

Service Overview

When you connect your computer to the VPN Server of the Secure Internet Test Service, all information you exchange with a web server on the Internet is encrypted via SSL and routed over the gateway of the Secure Internet Test Server. That way, you can establish a secure Internet connection that cannot be spied on by third parties.

Detailed usage description of the Secure Internet Test Service

Service Details

For details and practical usage information, click the link below.

Please Read

If you intend to use the PacketiX.NET service, please read the pages below.

Current status of the PacketiX VPN 2.0 Server Cluster System

The following statistics show the status of the Cluster System that runs the PacketiX VPN 2.0 Server in realtime.
(updated ca. every 10 sec.)
VPN sessions 1423
Active TCP connections 6176
Sent unicast packets 812,146,822,440
Volume of sent unicast packets 356,294,483,632,701 byte
Sent broadcast packets 629,031,240,009
Volume of sent broadcast packets 74,624,017,762,348 byte
Received unicast packets 1,116,429,844,169
Volume of received unicast packets 641,428,264,156,756 byte
Received broadcast packets 377,591,101,913
Volume of received broadcast packets 107,637,111,046,374 byte

This service is offered by SoftEther, Corp. as a non-profit academic experiment, in cooperation with the Tsukuba University Academic Computing & Communications Center.
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