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VPN Client Installation

The PacketiX VPN Client that is used to connect to the PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service can be installed in the following ways.

Installation by ActiveX Control

If you use a Web browser that can handle ActiveX controls, such as Internet Explorer, you can click the button below to install the PacketiX VPN Client. Note that Windows administrator rights are necessary to use the control.

If the above message appears in your Internet Explorer window, please click it and select "Install ActiveX control".
Then, after confirming that the control is signed by Internet Explorer SoftEther Corporation, please click the "Install" button.

When the "Start VPN connection" button appears below, you can click the button to connect to the Secure Internet Service.

Manual Installation

Instead of using the ActiveX control, you manually install and configure the VPN Client to use the Secure Internet Service.

Download the PacketiX VPN Client 4.0 installation file

For windows: vpnclient-v4.00-8698-rc1_fix10-2012.12.11-windows-x86_x64-intel.exe
For other OSs: File repository


If you use the ActiveX control to install the PacketiX VPN Client, your client is preconfigured and ready to go. If you install the client manually, use the following settings to set up your connection manually or download the setting file.
Confer to Chapter 4 of the PacketiX VPN Online Manual on how to configure your VPN Client.

Setting Item Value
VPN Server host name
VPN Server port number 443
Virtual Hub name PUBLIC
User name PUBLIC
User authentication anonymous

Connection Setting File Download

To automaticly configure the connection to the Virtual Hub, you can download a connection setting file (*.vpn), which can be imported into the PacketiX VPN Client Connection Manager. Please refer to Chapter 4.4.20 of the PacketiX Online Manual for the import and export of connection settings.

Configuration for Connecting over a Proxy Server

If you connect to the Internet over a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server, it is necessary to change the VPN Client settings.

See the PacketiX VPN Online Manual, Chapter 4.4, VPN Server Connection Method on details how to connect over a proxy server.

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