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PacketiX.NET - Test Server for the next generation VPN online service, offered by SoftEther, Corp.

Welcome to the SoftEther PacketiX.NET Online Service

PacketiX.NET is an academic, non-profit online environment for PacketiX VPN, the VPN technology developed by SoftEther Corporation.

2012/Jul/26 DNS error has occurred in some regions.
In some regions, it seems that a DNS failure has occurred. If you encounter a suspicious error when accessing to this service, please download new connection setting. Or please change the server name of a connection setting into ''. & VPN Gate

On March 8th, 2013 SoftEther 1.0 Freeware was released.

VPN Gate Service, the successor service to PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service, has been lauched.

PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service will be shut down soon. Please switch to the VPN Gate Service as soon as possible.


Offered Service

VPN Online Test Environment

At the VPN Online Test Environment, our shared VPN server cluster, you can create your private Virtual VPN Hub. You can configure and use the hub for free.
You can use all functions the PacketiX VPN software has to offer, such as creating a remote connection to your home network or uniting local networks at different sites. With our system, you won't need to setup a VPN server with a global IP address yourself. The VPN server administration is done over an easy web interface.

Secure Internet Test Service

With the Secure Internet Test Service, you can route all of your Internet data communication over a secure gateway server, encrypted via SSL. Whether accessing the Internet on a public wireless LAN hotspot, where anybody could eavesdrop, or on a wired LAN, you can effectively counter wiretapping by encrypting all transfered data and ensure maximum security.

Please Read

If you are using the PacketiX.NET, please read the explanatory pages below.

  • Using the service is free!
  • The PacketiX.NET servers are located in Japan. It is possible that you experience lags and connection problems if you are in a location that is far from Japan.
  • To further test the capabilities of PacketiX VPN, get a free trial version of Server, Client and Bridge at
  • You must agree to the Terms of Service before using PacketiX.NET. Please adhere to the related laws and regulations in your country.

Current Server Status

The following is a realtime usage status display of the PacketiX VPN 2.0 Server cluster that hosts this service.
(updated ca. every 10 seconds)

VPN sessions 1421
Established TCP connections 6201
Sent unicast packets 812,091,517,870
Total volume of sent unicasts 356,259,183,018,424 byte
Sent broadcast packets 629,009,711,699
Total volume sent broadcasts 74,621,291,638,689 byte
Received unicasts 1,116,370,234,044
Total volume of received unicasts 641,392,422,460,051 byte
Received broadcasts 377,580,939,956
Total volume of received broadcasts 107,635,673,751,840 byte

Also have a look at the technologies used to build and offer this service.

This service is offered by SoftEther, Corp. as a non-profit academic experiment, in cooperation with the Tsukuba University Academic Computing & Communications Center.
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