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Free Usage

SoftEther Corporation offers the PacketiX.NET VPN Online Test Environment as part of a non-profit, academic experiment. Users can access the service free of charge.

Free Service Offering

This VPN Online Test Environment is a VPN system that is operated by SoftEther Corporation as an experimental system for non-profit, academic purposes.

SoftEther Corporation offers this service for free, with the goal to invite as many users as possible to the system, to study the load status and performance of a VPN server system with a high number of VPN sessions and connections.

Consequently, users do not need to pay a connection fee when using this system.

About Freeware

For users, it is necessary to install the PacketiX VPN 2.0 Client or PacketiX VPN 2.0 Bridge to use the VPN Online Test Environment. However, since this software is offered by SoftEther Corporation as freeware, you do not need to pay for it.

For details, see Chapter 1.3.12 of the PacketiX VPN Online Manual.


While users have to pay for the expenses of their PC and Internet connection, they do not need to pay anything to SoftEther Corporation if they wish to use this service.

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This service is offered by SoftEther, Corp. as a non-profit academic experiment, in cooperation with the Tsukuba University Academic Computing & Communications Center.
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