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Usage Examples of the Secure Internet Service

This page provided several examples of networks that make use of the ecrypted transmissions offered by the Secure Internet Service.

Of course, there are many ways to use the service apart from the given examples

Please adhere to the Terms of Service when using this service.

Usage over a public WLAN hot spot

Using a wireless LAN connection without special encryption is not recommended, as the danger that data is intercepted by a third person is pretty high.

A WLAN connection, especially one that you did not set up yourself, like in a hotel or airport, poses the following threats to data security:

  • The electromagnetic waves that transmit your data can be captured by nearby persons.
  • By faking IP and MAC address, a third person can hijack your connection session.
  • The person who set up the access point could be untrustworthy, and steal or modify your transmitted data.
  • The WLAN hot spot itself could be a security risk because of a bad configuration.

In the above unsafe environment, you can protect your data by routing it of over a secure network gateway and using encryption.

Using unidentified WLAN access points

When on a business trip with a Windows XP laptop, it can happen that the machine automatically connects to a WLAN set up by an unknown person.
If you use such a connection to access the Internet and do not use a VPN to ensure the safety of your data, the following risks occur:

  • The administrator of the WLAN access point can capture the data you send.
  • Another user that happens to be connected to the same access point could read your data.

When you use the Secure Internet Service, all data you send is encrypted by SSL, so the eavesdropper would only be able to intercept scrambled, useless bits.

Further, before you use a Wireless LAN access point, always as the owner for permission beforehand.

Using an untrustworthy ISP

If you access the Internet from your home computer, and you are sceptical whether the ISP (Internet Service Provider) would capture or log the transmitted data, you can use the Secure Internet Service just in case to encrypt all data sent over your ISP.

Using the Secure Internet Service from the company LAN

When accessing the Internet from your company LAN, the following threats exist:

  • When using a LAN that is shared by many users, it is possible that transmitted data are captured, monitored or logged by another employee with bad intent.
  • Using a fake MAC and IP address, your connection session could be hijacked by a third person.
  • When using wireless LAN within the company, the above dangers also exist.

When you encrypt all data over the Secure Internet service, danger of a person with mal intent reading your data is greatly reduced.

Using a network with content controls

In some networks, the content of the transmitted data is controlled or filtered.

  • Internet access is only possible over certain ports, such as 80, or protocols, such as http.
  • Certain protocols or ports are intentionally limited.
  • Because of the above limitations, an application does not work properly or cannot be used.

Likewise, access to certain websites is restricted for political reasons in certain areas. The access to Web sites connected to certain political ideas, foreign news sites, and search engines is filtered by a firewall at the national level, and transfered content is censored. In that case, it is possible that data transfer over protocols where the content cannot be easilly examined is completely shut off.

In the above situation, it can happen that even if you have Internet access in such a place, the applications you normally use to access your company servers do not work

In the above cases, where access to certain Web sites is not possible, where protocols are blocked of or some tools do not work, you can use the Secure Internet Service to overcome these obstacles.

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